ZA176 Service History

25-Nov-1981 ZA176 (build no 41H-912027) made its maiden flight at Dunsfold.
16-Dec-1981 It was delivered to the Royal Navy, but was immediately flown to RAF St Athan where it went into Fleet Reserve storage.
01-Apr-1982 Argentinian forces invade the Falkland Islands.
06-Apr-1982 The aircraft was brought out of storage at St Athan and flown to RNAS Yeovilton, where it was issued to 809 Naval Air Squadron.
30-Apr-1982 The aircraft started its journey south from Yeovilton, with Victor tanker support, via Banjul in the Gambia, to Ascension Island.
01-May-1982 The aircraft arrived at Ascension. All eight Shars allocated to 809 NAS had arrived by the following day.
06-May-1982 The aircraft was flown onto the MV Atlantic Conveyor and prepared for the voyage to the Falklands.
07-May-1982 Atlantic Conveyor began her voyage south from Ascension.
18-May-1982 Coded 76, the aircraft was transfered to 800 NAS and joined the squadron on board HMS Hermes.
21-May-1982 ZA176, along with ZA455, was patrolling San Carlos Water when they were vectored onto a flight of FAA Daggers by HMS Brilliant. ZA455 fired a Sidewinder that hit C-409 (?), whose pilot ejected. The pilot of ZA176 directed cannon fire at the other aircraft but no hits were recorded.
25-May-1982 ZA176 arrived overhead HMS Coventry, just before she capsized.
14-Jun-1982 British forces recaptured Port Stanley.
03-Jul-1982 HMS Hermes left the Falklands for the UK with ZA176 on board.
19-Jul-1982 The aircraft left HMS Hermes in the Bay of Biscay and flew into RNAS Yeovilton.
22-Jul-1982 The aircraft was transfered to 809 NAS, coded 250.
02-Aug-1982 809 NAS embarked on HMS Illustrious, which immediately set sail for the South Atlantic.
06-Dec-1982 On returning to Yeovilton, ZA176 was immediately transfered to 801 NAS, coded N001.
07-Jun-1983 Lt "Soapy" Watson, operating from HMS Illustrious, was forced to land the aircraft on the Spanish freighter Alraigo after suffering a NAVHARS failure. The aircraft was offloaded at Santa Cruz on Tenerife, and was returned to the UK aboard the MV British Tay.
04-Jul-1983 The aircraft was issued to 899 NAS, coded 712.
30-Oct-1985 The aircraft was transfered to St Athan.
21-Mar-1986 The aircraft returned to 899 NAS coded 716.
15-Jun-1985 The aircraft was again transfered to St Athan.
19-Jan-1988 ZA176 was issued to 801 NAS (coded R007), embarked on HMS Ark Royal.
26-Jan-1990 The aircraft was transfered to the Aircraft Maintenance Group (AMG) at Yeovilton.
02-Feb-1990 The aircraft was transfered to St Athan by road.
20-Aug-1990 800 NAS was assigned the aircraft, which was coded N122.
22-Oct-1991 The aircraft was transfered to AMG Yeovilton.
22-Feb-1992 The aircraft was flown from Yeovilton to Dunsfold for conversion to FA.2 standard (build number P6).
01-Oct-1993 ZA176 made its first flight as an FA.2 from Dunsfold.
06-Oct-1993 The aircraft was transfered to St Athan.
11-Nov-1993 ZA176 was allocated to 899 NAS at Yeovilton, coded 716. It may have been the first FA.2 to have been delivered to the squadron.
05-Oct-1994 The aircraft was allocated to 801 NAS (coded 000) operating off HMS Illustrious. It flew operational sorties during the Bosnian conflict.
27-Jul-1995 The aircraft was transfered to AMG Yeovilton and subsequently to St Athan.
Sep - Nov 1997 ZA176 was noted carrying 800, 801 and 899 NAS codes during this period.
July 1999 The aircraft was transfered to AMG Yeovilton.
24-Sep-2001 The aircraft was allocated to 800 NAS (coded R126), embarked on HMS Ark Royal.
2002 The aircraft was again transfered to St Athan before being allocated to 801 NAS embarked on HMS on HMS Ark Royal, coded R126 and later R006.
24-Jul-2003 The aircraft was transfered to AMG Yeovilton.
20-Sep-2003 ZA176's flying career came to an end when it was withdrawn from use at Yeovilton and used for spares recovery.
July 2004 ZA176 was purchased by the Newark Air Museum.
21-Jul-2004 ZA176 was transported by road to the Newark Air Museum.

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