The aircraft had four wing and three underfuselage stations. The inner wing pylons were plumbed for drop tanks and could carry 900 kg each. They were not detachable because they were originally wired for carriage of the WE177C nuclear depth charge, and for reliability no wiring joints were allowed.

The other stations could carry up to 450 kg each. The two underfuselage stations were normally occupied by two 30mm gun pods, with 120 rounds per gun.

Typical air combat loads were two AIM-120 AMRAAM or four AIM-9 Sidewinders. The gun pods could be replaced with two additional AMRAAMs.

In the attack role the usual range of bombs and rockets could be carried. The FRS.1 had a nuclear capability (see above), but this was eliminated from the FA.2. The Sea Eagle anti-ship missile was withdrawn from use by the Royal Navy in late 1999 as there didn't appear to be a credible threat that couldn't be attacked with Harpoon or Sea Skua.

Indian Navy aircraft carry Matra Magic AAMs.

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